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About our Beef hide

All Natural

Our beef hide chews are produced with no harmful preservatives- ever. They're cleaned, braided, flavored, and then dried to keep their shape and quality. Beef hide is a food product in this country, so our manufacturing process follows strict government guidelines. 

Is Beef Hide Okay for my Dog?

It sure is! Beef hide has been the natural choice for dogs for centuries. It not only removes plaque and tarter from a pup's teeth, but it also helps relieve the stress that gets pent up through the day. Dogs relax when they chew; it's their natural instinct. Why not let them release their stress in a safe way?

Moderation is Key

Moderation is key when giving your dog beef hide- when you feel the chew has become too small, be sure to take it away. Always be sure to supervise your dog when they're chewing on anything. If they've had enough, feel free to take it away for a while.