New Products and New Photos!!!

New Products and New Photos!!!

Hi all,

Well, we got it done!

We've added our treats to our website; we're fully in stock as of writing this, so be sure to take a look at them! Our treats are made in the USA in small batches; we ensure that they are the highest quality treats you could buy your pup. We have them in four flavors that are sure to please. We also have a gluten-free treat to serve pets who are gluten sensitive. At Bear's, we strive to offer a solution for every pet! So take a look at them, and share them with your friends! Bear loves them, hopefully your dog will to! 

As you view our site, please take not of the NEW product photography we have put up! The high-resolution images show the true texture of our products. Feel free to browse and share. We're working to make your visit to Bear's better every day.



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