Welcome to Bear's!

Welcome to Bear's!

Hi all!

Welcome to Bear's Pet Supply, your NEW source for the highest quality pet supplies! We're a dedicated, online pet boutique that currently offers the finest rawhide chews you can buy anywhere! Wait as we add more products in the coming months, there will certainly be a lot to see! 

Just like you, I'm a pet owner that puts my furry friend FIRST. Bear joined my family almost a year and a half ago, and ever since I rescued him, I knew he deserved the highest quality goods a pet owner could find. Bear loves to chew, so I found him the best rawhide I could. It just so happened to be made in America, even further swaying me towards it. I noticed that there was no real good way to buy this product outside of major urban areas, so I decided to take a gamble and make it available to pet owners across the nation. 

In the coming weeks, I'll be putting up a line of gourmet dog biscuits on my site. I hope you're pups enjoy them as much as Bear and his buddies in the neighborhood do. For now, we have plenty of rawhide in stock to meet the needs of chewers of all sizes. Feel free to email me at any time at info@bearspetsupply.com for more information.



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